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Learning Objectives

Salstone Disposal Units #3 & #5

Strategic Thinking/Analysis

S1:  Demonstrating personal, group, lab, and organization awareness and savvy to effectively anticipate opportunities and problems early

S2:  Anticipating and managing project risks through rigorous analytical methods

S3:  Negotiating equitable partnering arrangements and contracts

S4:  Analyzing project data, information, indicators and trends


Organization and General Management Skills

O1:  Exercising resiliency in challenging management scenarios

O2:  Demonstrating personal organization and time management, including delegating authority appropriately

O3:  Developing and implementing effective change management process

O4:  Recommending and critiquing front-end planning procedures


Team Building

T1:  Building high quality teams that demonstrate consideration for varied skills, strengths, experience, and potential

T2:  Setting and managing clear team expectations

T3:  Modeling what it means to be an authentic leader

T4:  Demonstrating awareness of cultural differences to anticipate the most effective ways to include diverse stakeholders and maximize their quality contributions.

T5:  Understanding potential skill development using effective mentoring programs



C1:  Using strong and effective communication skills including consultation with stakeholders, building trusting relationships, giving effective feedback, asking for help, especially regarding major decisions, listening with empathy, negotiating credibly for long-term viability

C2:  Demonstrating the use of inquiry to access diverse perspectives, especially in early stages and in critical decision-points of project work

C3:  Creating clear and concise project goals in consultation with primary stakeholders

C4:  Creating and facilitating lab partnership agreements

C5:  Capturing, disseminating and applying lessons learned