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Program Overview

Berkeley Lab Laser Accelerator

Program Overview

The PLI program has the following characteristics intended to fulfill the Learning Objectives:

  • It is cohort-based: each calendar year a new cohort of roughly 20-25 participants from across the DOE complex will participate as a group. 
  • It will provide cohort participants with a prestigious, transformational professional development experience that is simultaneously both a leadership development and project delivery course of study and practice, tailored to the DOE context.  It will emphasize experiential learning components and interaction with leaders from a variety of fields.
  • It will emphasize critical leadership development principles including execution of complex projects, stakeholder communications, leading effective teams, and the role of a project leader.  Participants will undertake self-assessment activities to reveal strengths and potential weaknesses in the project leadership context.
  • It will promote the development of tools and informational resources that aid DOE project executives, project teams, and other key participants in major projects.
  • It will be rigorous and intensive.  It features six instructional sessions (five in-person, one on-line), and a year-long capstone project.  The full commitment of the cohort member and support from the sponsoring institution will be required.
  • A certificate of PLI program completion will be issued to those who fulfill the program requirements.  Participants will earn professional development units (PDUs) for Project Management Professional certification.


Who can participate?

  • Eligibility: All employees at DOE laboratories and sites and all DOE federal employees are eligible.  Employees of non-DOE organizations delivering major projects for DOE and who are directly engaged in project management, are also eligible.
  • Nomination: Nomination from employing institution is required.  The Nominating Institution must prepare a letter of recommendation for the nominee from the Laboratory Director (or equivalent) .  Self-nomination is not acceptable.  PLI nominees shall have demonstrated their expertise as technical, business systems, or project leaders, with significant experience in private or public sector organizations with responsibility for project or organization performance and resources.  Letters of Recommendation should be addressed to the PLI Advisory Board Members.


Program Schedule

The PLI Program is 12 months in duration, with five week-long in-person sessions and one online session.  Each in-person session begins on late Monday afternoon and concludes on Thursday either at noon or late afternoon.  Participants are required to attend all in-person sessions to successfully complete the program.  See the Program Sessions page for detailed information on the instructional program.

The 2020 program year will be scheduled as follows:

Event Dates Location
Event 1: Preparing To Lead DOE Projects Jan 27-30, 2020

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Los Alamos, NM

Event 2: Becoming a Highly Effective Leader Mar 23-26, 2020

Stanford University

Stanford, CA

Event 3:  Positioning the Project for Success May 18-21, 2020

University of Colorado

Boulder, CO

Event 4:  Leadership for Strategic Execution Jun 1-Jul 31, 2020 Online
Event 5: Delivering High-Risk Complex Projects Sep 14-17, 2020

Oak Ridge National Accelerator Laboratory

Oak Ridge, TN

Event 6: Navigating to the Finish Nov 9-12, 2020 Washington, DC